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Furniture First is geographically exclusive by representation. This means that our Members are typically not in direct competition with one another and allows them to share information, ideas and strategies freely without fear of hurting their own competitive position.


  • Bulletin Board – Members use our members-only website to access our Bulletin Board. Members post questions about a variety of issues including discount policies and needed products to get help and advice from their fellow Members.
  • Reference Lists – Each approved vendor listed on has a reference list associated with their directory listing. Members considering picking up a line from a Furniture First supplier can access this reference list and call up a fellow Member to find out which products work well for them, what level of a margin they are able to attain, shipping and representative information, as well as other important considerations.


Furniture First Symposiums present merchandising, operations and marketing topics in informative, ­fun programs. These meetings consist of active and engaging sessions. Spouses and employees are encouraged to attend our Symposiums to participate in both the information and the fun! While informal networking takes place throughout the Symposiums, two formal sessions facilitate networking in a structured format:

  • Best Idea – One of the favorite activities of Members at our Symposiums is our Best Idea Session. Members gather at tables of ten and share one idea that has made a difference to their bottom line, then walk away with nine new ideas to improve their business.
  • Troubleshooting – Like the Best Idea networking session, Troubleshooting sessions allow Members to share a problem, issue, opportunity, or “what if,” and receive feedback and advice from fellow Members.

General Membership Meeting

Furniture First has at least two General Membership Meetings per year: One during the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, NC and one during the Las Vegas Market, in Las Vegas, NV.