America's Premier Furniture and Mattress Buying Group


Markets & Meetings

Furniture First is geographically exclusive by representation. This means that our Members are typically not in direct competition with each other and allows them to share information, ideas and strategies without fear of hurting their competitive position.

General Membership Meetings

Furniture First has two General Membership Meetings per year: One during the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, NC and one during the Las Vegas Market, in Las Vegas, NV.

Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings are held by conference call throughout the year and in person during the High Point and Las Vegas Markets. Committees are responsible for evaluating, selecting and voting on new suppliers and programs for the entire Membership. The committees play a very important role in Furniture First. All Members are encouraged to participate in the committees, but are not obligated to join them. If you are interested, pick a committee with your strongest level of expertise. Committees include:

  • Core Merchandise
  • Mattress
  • Accessories
  • Marketing
  • Nominating


Furniture First Symposiums present merchandising, operations and marketing topics in informative, fun programs. These meetings consist of active and engaging sessions with nationally recognized speakers, networking, store tours, warehouse tours and panel discussions.

Meetings have included the following topics:

  • Best items purchased at Market
  • Best-selling items
  • Business operational efficiencies
  • Best advertising strategies
  • Sales training
  • The biggest challenges for retailers
  • Warehousing and warehouse management
  • Delivery and customer service
  • Staffing
  • Email marketing “How To” sessions
  • One Best Idea Session
  • Customer premiums
  • Promotional strategies
  • Cash flow management break-even analysis

Spouses and employees are encouraged to attend our Symposiums to participate in both the information and the fun!

Next Gen

Furniture First members are family-owned businesses, and the majority of them are run by a second, third or greater generation. Transitioning leadership from one generation to the next isn’t easy. Our Next Gen group exists to help the next generation of store owners find their footing as they take on the challenges of leadership, navigate the entanglements of a family business and develop a network of peers who are facing the same challenges. The group gets together at Market, at our symposium and gets away from it all with annual trips.

Performance Groups

Alpha, Beta, Gamma – Furniture First performance groups are made up of six to fifteen retailers who meet three times a year to share their best ideas, financial results, and strategic plans. Each group collectively decides on the most pertinent topics for discussion. Individual members hold each other accountable for goals and spend time formulating steps for achieving those goals. They challenge each other to grow and improve, knowing that the support will come full circle. Furniture First facilitates the process by coordinating the meeting, providing an industry perspective, and creating composite reports.