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Mattress 1st & America’s Sleep Specialists

Mattress 1st stackFurniture First has an exclusive private label mattress program which is branded as Mattress 1st or America’s Sleep Specialists.  These exclusive private labels are designed to provide our Members with margin rich product at a promotional price point.  Priced from $199 – $1,099 (queen mattress retail), the line fills critical transition slots that allow our members to sell higher priced brands.  Both Mattress 1st and America’s Sleep Specialists feature a broad assortment of comfort selections and construction.  This program is designed to achieve an overall 50% – 60% gross margin, and does so easily, due to its mattresses attractive appearances, feels, and profiles. The components used for both Mattress 1st and America’s Sleep Specialists are normally found in higher priced mattresses. That’s why our Members can sell the lines with a greater markup and net a higher margin. Our Members have found that our private label mattress program greatly increases their sales and profits in key high-volume promotion price points, a segment that other brands struggle with.  Mattress 1st and America’s Sleep Specialists mattresses are made to our specifications by Serta, exclusively for Furniture First.

Mattress 1st Store Concept

Specialty stores are opening at a rapid pace causing furniture retailers to see their mattress volume and profits steadily decrease.

The exclusive Furniture First Mattress 1st Store Concept was created to help retailers compete with specialty stores by using national branding elements, display components, store layout and marketing materials. Furniture First members can implement either a “store within a store” or free standing Mattress 1st store.

Unlike manufacturer sponsored mattress galleries, the Mattress 1st Store Concept offers greater flexibility in layout and product selection.

Stores experience an average increase of 35% during the grand opening month for Mattress 1st Stores. As a Mattress 1st store owner you’ll have access to successful ideas and programs being used by other Mattress 1st store owners. In addition, in many cases our Supplier Partners have worked with the Mattress 1st store owners for additional co-op and help with branding elements.