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Who We Are

Furniture First is a purchasing cooperative of independent furniture retailers. Our member retailers across the U.S. work together to leverage purchasing power with leading manufacturers, making locally-owned furniture stores more profitable.

Member Benefits

Furniture First provides our members with value-added business services – advantages typically available only to major retail chains. Benefits include rebates, discounts, merchandising, consumer financing, private labels, communications and networking.

Video Testimonials

Hear what our members have to say about Furniture First! Click here for video testimonials from our retailers and find out how membership has benefited them.

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  • Hear from Our Members

“Our little company has only gotten stronger and wiser since joining FF. I feel that we have gained generations of industry knowledge and have really taken a leap forward in front of our competition. Thanks FF staff and family.”

Brian Tex Morgan
Austin’s Couch Potatoes

Austin, TX

“Stronger and Wiser” “Stronger and Wiser”