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Who We Are

Furniture First is a purchasing cooperative of independent furniture retailers. Our member retailers across the U.S. work together to leverage purchasing power with leading manufacturers, making locally-owned furniture stores more profitable.

Member Benefits

Furniture First provides our members with value-added business services – advantages typically available only to major retail chains. Benefits include rebates, discounts, merchandising, consumer financing, private labels, communications and networking.

Video Testimonials

Hear what our members have to say about Furniture First! Click here for video testimonials from our retailers and find out how membership has benefited them.

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  • Hear from Our Members

“The very best we get out of the group is the relationships we’ve developed and the trust and the willingness to help each other. Also, the management of Furniture First is very good at stretching us and taking us out of our comfort zone. Even though our company has been there 67 years, they remind us that we need to shape up because the marketplace is changing.”

Dean Swanson
Ernie’s in Ceresco
Ceresco, NE

“The Marketplace is Changing” “The Marketplace is Changing”